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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Absolutely not. While outsourcing is becoming popular, we know that the security of bank data is super-important. All work is conducted by our own Australian staff (not contractors), in Australia.

Full stop.

The best way is to simply show you – a output files typically look like this: Template.csv We aim to get a great balance between an ‘honest’ reproduction of the original bank statement, and a CSV file that is practical to use! In each of our output files, we include the transaction amounts as both debits & credits in separate columns, as well as a single “Amount” column. This ensures our output files are usable for just about any accounting software. Please note we can tailor our conversion files to your needs on a request basis prior to the conversion.

We love a good business model, and paying for stuff you don’t need or want is a pretty cool deal. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do that. You only need to pay for pages that have transactions on them – we don’t convert the others, so you don’t pay for them.

We use an awesome, super-secret process that we can’t disclose to anyone for any reason.

Ok, not quite true. We use a general OCR program that we sourced to get a start on the job. We then run the output through our own specialised software that we’ve very proud to say we developed in-house, to set the layout of the bank statement and perfect the output.

We’ve converted hundreds of thousands of bank statement lines in our day, and we aim to consistently use our conversions to improve the process even more. Our in-house software includes a series of checks and balances to improve the quality of our conversions.

Finally, the final conversions are manually reviewed by a member of our team, and tweaked to deliver the highest level of accuracy.

Coming from an accounting background, we know the importance of getting figures right. We guarantee that all dollar amounts in the converted file are completely accurate, or we’ll refund in full the cost of your conversion (we haven’t had to yet!).

The text of a statement is much harder to get completely accurate, and sometimes the exact text is not completely clear even when manually reviewed, and while we do our best and generally get it spot on, we cannot guarantee complete accuracy with the text of the conversions. We wish we could!

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